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Hey! i’m Raymi, I own the blog do-raymi. I’m just doing me and you should too ;) I live in a Canadian city no ones ever heard of and I love to talk to all of my followers, but my inbox has been empty lately, I miss waking up to new messages and making new friends. I recently unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs and now my dash is dead, im checking out all my new followers so maybe you should head over and check out my blog!


'Now Maeglin and his mother were free for a while to go where they wished, and they rode often to the eaves of the wood, seeking the sunlight; and desire grew hot in Maeglin's heart to leave Nan Elmoth forever. Therefore he said to Aredhel: “Lady, let us depart while there is time! What hope is there in this wood for you or me? Here we are held in bondage, and no profit shall I find here; for I have learned all that my father has to teach, or that the Naugrim will reveal to me. Shall we not seek for Gondolin? You shall be my guide, and I shall be your guard!”' - Of Maeglin, The Silmarillion.

Aredhel and Maeglin in Nan Elmoth, by Catherine Chmiel

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